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Brittany Josephina

Brittany Josephina

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The injection of a heap of emotions—good or bad—is what the human experience is about. More than an astrology medley, this blog serves as food for the soul. By infusing knowledge and experience, the most authentic and innovative information is produced. In essence, this area serves as a safe zone for expression. As Gandhi once put it, “Whatever you do [in life] will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” I’m one person sharing my mind, my warmth, my positivity, my advice.

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Dear Universe, I ask to be surrounded by abundant, flowing, limitless love. I ask to be around people who see my divinity and support me in sharing my light with the world. I want genuine love, genuine joy, genuine passion and genuine support by my friends, mentors, and family members. I’m ready to receive. I’m ready to give the same in return. I am ready.

I’ve been actively pursuing balance. I can get wrapped up in all the wonderful things I want to accomplish that I overwhelm or overwork myself. My focus is on taking things one step at a time. An empire isn’t built overnight. I remind myself, “Brittany take it easy. All is right. You are where you need to be. Breathe. Be.” Most of all, I must say I am very proud of the amount of courage I’ve had in the past 4 weeks. I’m certainly in a special place that I’ve never been before. I want to grow into these moments. I want to breathe into the Now. I’m endlessly compassionate with myself. I no longer just believe I’m beautiful, worthy and enough - I know it. That knowing has opened up a new way of living for myself. My actions mirror my truth. I am somebody. 

The journey to Self is a journey alright, but goodness, it is one of the greatest ones I’ve ever walked. One that I walk till this day. Journey to Self…it’s so rewarding. It’s the most important thing you’ll do because connecting back to your authentic nature taps you into your own divinity, and life seemingly transforms because your awareness rises. It’s when you really recognize your power, the inherent power that you’re BORN with, that you begin to move from Ego to Self. You’re open to the abundance that readily exists. You’re open to the endless possibilities, but also, you’re aware and connected enough to recognize when something is not honorable to your being, and you can act accordingly. It’s phenomenal. 

Well, the path to love begins with forgiveness. That’s number one. And it must be done with compassion and love. All things happen at the right time. At the right time beloved. It’s all interconnected. Your experiences have led you to this moment, this moment where you’re consciously beginning your journey to Self because I believe that from day one we’re walking that path. So don’t be ashamed of your experiences and choices. The point is not to judge yourself. Forgive yourself for the times you have dishonored yourself and sacrificed yourself. Do it from a place that says, “My choices reflected where I was in that place, but now I recognize my responsibility (ability to respond) and I can make more honorable choices.” I’ve said this before. I don’t believe in putting myself down. I’m constantly compassionate with myself. I give myself permission to be who I am. I give myself permission to make mistakes. And I forgive myself. 

Also, I like to keep it simple. Last year, I was overcoming a difficult challenge in my life. I literally lost myself and I didn’t even realize I was lost, until I was really lost. I literally reached a point where it was like, “Okay. It cannot get any worse than this.” I could feel it in my soul that things were going to be different. Even if I lost a degree of hope, there was a strong part of me that knew that things could ONLY go up from there. I started reflecting upon my experiences. Trying to figure out how I got there. The first thing I realized was that I was doing everything for EVERYBODY but myself. I mean, wow! That was a big aha moment. And once people were done with getting what they wanted, they were gone. Or at least, that was my perception. Sure, that was true in instances, but not all people treated me like that. And whether I was conscious or not, I gave these people permission to treat me in that particular way and I gave them permission to use me. So I kept it simple. I began spending less time on my phone, watching tv, I cut hanging out with toxic people and I really took time to really figure out who I was at that point. 

It’s incredible how much we’ll deal with when we believe we have no other opportunities. At one point, I continued to hang out with toxic people because I was afraid of being “alone” and not having a solid friend base since these were the girls I was friends with for years. Don’t make that mistake. I literally felt so freaking uncomfortable being around them. I mean, really. Your being knows when you’re not honoring yourself. 

Anyways, I honestly start watching the OWN network because, as the Universe would have it, the network just began. I was introduced to some interesting things like spirituality, meditation, awareness, and so forth. As the Universe would have it, again,  there were these two phenomenal teachers who began teaching meditation, spirituality and healthy living to my health class. It was incredible. Seriously, everything was connecting. 

So I made the conscious the decision to start honoring myself. I took baths several times a week. A hour before bed every night, I disconnected from all outlets (tv, laptop, phone) and got still. I began keeping a journal. I really began taking care of my being and paying attention to my body. Paying attention to my actions. I had really great days and I had days where I looked forward to going home and going to sleep. I cried a lot. I began taping myself on my laptop as I spoke about whatever came to mind because it’s different when you hear your thoughts out loud. It was a battle, but I was getting stronger, and I really made the decision to start loving myself and taking back my control. I even started praying—at first, to the Universe and then, to God. 

It was awkward at first because I never really prayed before. But I’m telling you, once I got STILL and started paying attention, I realized that I was receiving signs and messages all the time. In fact, I always had been. The messages only got larger and more extreme because I wasn’t paying attention. And praying, at one point, was embarrassing because I was the kind of person that didn’t really know what or who God was and I had this idea of religion and church and corruption. I was like..okay, so I’m praying to someone or something…that I’m not too sure about.

I realized God was within me. That all there is IS God. And I cleansed myself of the false image I created in my mind of what God was. God is love. God is all there is. I am God. You are God. Everything is God. And when you understand that, it’s like, you sit up taller, you tap into your being, and you act from a space of wholeness. 

Most importantly, I have to tell you that I am SO thankful and SO grateful for every solitary experience in my life. I truly mean that. Even the people who treated me wrong. I am really thankful for that because I realize that it was bigger than ME and I had to go through those experiences to be where I am right now and to get to where I’m going. I understand this on a universal level, the actions of others and the events that came my way were there to shift me into the space I am in now. Even if those experiences never existed, I would have learned the lessons I was taught in a different form and in a different circumstance. I have no resentment or hate for anything from my past. Nothing at all. I have so much love for it. I’m seriously thankful for it. 

Basically, I realized I no longer fit who I was anymore. It’s like growing older and not being able to fit your clothes anymore. It’s like, I love them, they’re cute and familiar, but I can let go of these and put on something new. In those moments, it all felt difficult, but it was because my being was evolving and I was getting uncomfortable in those clothes.

So, I say that to say, boy I’m so excited for you! Whether you’ve consciously begun that walk, you’re thinking about it, or you’ve already started, you are doing something so phenomenal and empowering. I’m telling you. It’s worth it. Even if there are days where you just act a straight fool—forgive yourself, make it a habit to not let inappropriate behavior tolerated, and move forward. Each day is a NEW day and YOU can CHOOSE who you want to be. 

PS. It’s okay that we outgrow friends, situations, circumstances. It’s really okay.

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The New Moon occurring shortly into the day brings new beginnings in your work or health endeavors, dear Taurus. A new job for some Taureans? Perhaps, but for many, it’s about getting your daily routines managed and under control in the coming days and possibly weeks. This is a time for getting medical check-ups, fine-tuning health or fitness programs, and doing detail work. You have no patience for sloppy work or flaws today. Tone things down and enjoy the exciting, fresh energy of the day.

"I just believed that there was something more. I was always cognizant of what that more was. And, what you will find is at different times in your life, the call will be different. For some people, they know from the time that they were old enough to speak, what is they wanted to do. I didn’t know that. I had no idea for the longest time. I was looking around me and trying to feel my way through what felt like the right thing. But, what I knew was, that whatever that right thing was, it wasn’t going to be what everybody else told me it was. And so, I think that’s true for not just people who become known or become famous, I think it’s true for everybody who decides for themselves that there is something MORE. And I want to listen to what that is and be guided by that. Now, many times people ask about, “What is my purpose?” “How do I know what my purpose is?” “How do I know what I’m supposed to do?” The only way to know what to do in life is to PAY ATTENTION to the life that you are living right now. You can’t get it by listening to other people. There’s a wonderful Bible passage that says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” You can’t allow the voices of the world to drown out that which I know is the voice of God. The voice of your own consciousness. The voice of the purest light of yourself. Because that is how the energy of God speaks to all of us. And so, knowing that you deserve and are worthy of the best creation has to offer and believing that there is a reason why you are here and understanding that your job is to figure out what that is and following it [is what you should do]."
  Oprah Winfrey (via mindofataurus)