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Brittany Josephina

Brittany Josephina

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The injection of a heap of emotions—good or bad—is what the human experience is about. More than an astrology medley, this blog serves as food for the soul. By infusing knowledge and experience, the most authentic and innovative information is produced. In essence, this area serves as a safe zone for expression. As Gandhi once put it, “Whatever you do [in life] will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” I’m one person sharing my mind, my warmth, my positivity, my advice.

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Thank you beloved! I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I appreciate your loving energy. Thank you for being you. You are perfect, whole and complete. I want you to know that you have absolutely nothing to prove. Shine beloved. Shine. Shine because it’s exactly what you were born to do. Sending you my love! 

The honest truth is, we can meet our death at any moment. At any moment. Any moment. And because we know this, we can find power in the truth, and actually LIVE our lives. The way we want to. As Buddha said, “The trouble is, you think you have time.” In stepping into our power we can find gratitude in the HERE and NOW, and not take for granted the wonderful, wonderful things present in our lives.

I have this saying, “Life is not too short. It just appears to be too short because by the time we decide to start living it, it’s nearly over.

Each day you wake and you go to sleep, what you do in between that time is up to you.

Do what you love. 

Heal yourself. 

Love yourself. 

Pursue your passions. 


Reach out.

Live life YOUR way. That’s my philosophy. I live each day MY way, so I am content with myself by the time I reach the bed. I am happy with the way I represented myself. I’m proud of the things I’ve put out into the world. The focus isn’t on death, the focus is on life. If I died today, I would die a happy woman. A woman SO joyful because I recognized my power and chose to live life my way. I spoke from my heart. I reached out to others. I lived fully. Because I chose to.

Death is not the end of the journey.

Don’t fear death.

Fear not living.

Start living today. Shift your focus. Each breath is an opportunity. Sit with that for a second. EACH breath is an opportunity. Wow. As I open up my mind and my heart, my ideas really open up and begin to become as wide as the Universe. When I recognize like, “Wow. This is my life. I want to be. I want to be joyful. Grateful. Loving.” then I have no time to hate. Then, I don’t choose to engage in certain things that aren’t nourishing or beneficial to myself, or to other students in this Earth school. 

I’m not living to survive. I’m here to fulfill my purpose. We are here to show up with our unique capabilities that is meant to be shared with the world. And I’ve begun to realize, it’s not about me. My life is so connected to the lives of others. My choices have a ripple effect, not on my life, but on the Universe and everyone inside it.Who knows what impact this post will have on others. Not because of me, but ALSO because of you! Because you decided to send to reblog this and I’ve decided to post this. Isn’t that so crazy to think? It’s incredible. So live honey. Love. Love yourself. Discover yourself. Discover your passions. And live. Live YOUR life because it is yours. I love you. I am proud of you. I support you on your path. Today, we can live.

- Brittany Josephina

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This is a good day for tending to practical matters, dear Taurus, and work should fare well, particularly if you are getting things done around the home. There can be some confusion or let-down in your social life later today and into tomorrow. There can be questions in romantic or platonic friendships now, but if you feel that a decision needs to be made, try to take a step back and recognize that taking your time on the matter can in fact work out better for you. Coming to a happy conclusion or to a point of closure is unlikely now. If you’re uncertain, you’ll be much better off if you are able to take extra breaks.