Brittany Josephina

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The injection of a heap of emotions—good or bad—is what the human experience is about. More than an astrology medley, this blog serves as food for the soul. By infusing knowledge and experience, the most authentic and innovative information is produced. In essence, this area serves as a safe zone for expression. As Gandhi once put it, “Whatever you do [in life] will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” I’m one person sharing my mind, my warmth, my positivity, my advice.

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You can enjoy good conversations today, dear Taurus, and you might want to listen as much as you give your own input, as you can hear something now that truly benefits you. You might be tempted to begin a new project or you could take up a new interest now. While it may not last, you can have a lot of fun with it in the moment. It’s a generally good day for feeling strong, motivated, and optimistic for the future. Something can happen today that boosts your spirits and makes life more pleasant, and this can be as simple as a compliment received. You are likely to be feeling especially generous and open, which attracts positive attention. You can feel that your luck is increasing, but in truth, it’s more about your confidence to attract what you want into your life that is the driving force. Your appetite for pleasure is also very strong. Control this while still enjoying yourself, and life is good.