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Brittany Josephina

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The injection of a heap of emotions—good or bad—is what the human experience is about. More than an astrology medley, this blog serves as food for the soul. By infusing knowledge and experience, the most authentic and innovative information is produced. In essence, this area serves as a safe zone for expression. As Gandhi once put it, “Whatever you do [in life] will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” I’m one person sharing my mind, my warmth, my positivity, my advice.

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The cusp of energy.  Taurus-Gemini cusp can easily see themselves as a force than as a person.  Not specialists in self-awareness, from an early age they forge a role in life that is active rather than passive, dynamic rather than static.  Parents often accuse them of spreading themselves too think and not sticking to any one activity, they want to do it all, to take on the world in a direct frontal assault. This cusp fails to form a strong ego early in life.  Wanting to please, and fearful of rejection, Taurus-Gemini’s may accept the wishes of others at the expense of their own.  Self-assertion and building a powerful ego can become a lifelong occupation for them.  Taurus-Gemini’s abundant energy, keen interest in the world around them and charm tend to draw innumerable friends and lovers.  However, those involved with them are in constant fear of losing them.  For some people this is both challenging and appealing.  Others, however, may be turned off by Taurus-Geminis’ reputation for untrustworthiness, and such preconceptions may hurt them, particularly in the areas of business and employment.  The brilliance of a Taurus-Gemini is not enough to guarantee success in a given field unless it is backed up by a strong of undeniable accomplishments.  Unfortunately, those born on the cusp of energy do not always manifest an endurance equal to their desires and impulses.  While slower, more purposeful individuals just hang in there, Taurus-Geminis may find themselves being passed in life’s race, as the hare was overtaken by a self-posssesed and deliberate turtle.  In relationships, Taurus-Geminis often come on too strong.  Indeed the friends of Taurus Geminis occasionally wonder why these people need to be the center of attention every minute of every day.  They seem to find themselves fascinating, and to want to share that fascination with all around them.  It may be necessary for them to cultivate a certain indifference to themselves if they are to improve the quality of their relationships, keeping their latest thought to themselves and making themselves more receptive and sympathetic to others.  If friends, lovers or spouses come to feel that they are only there to watch or listen to listen Taurus-Gemini and are not really appreciated or needed for themselves, the days of the relationship may well be numbered.  As mates or partners, Taurus-gems may well spend their time heading off after the newest exciting prospect while their counterpart deals with the mundane tasks of home management, finance and general maintenance.  This tendency may be worsened when it leads Taurus-Gems to make unfavorable comparisons, picturing their partners as dull and uninteresting.  Because Taurus-Gems combine earthy, sensuous traits of Taurus with the airy mental characteristics of Gemini, they can be both obsessively interested in physical matters and compulsive about checking things out.  Furthermore, Taurus-gems need to get their priorities straight and to give deep consideration to the question of whether they are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices.  Introspection, planning and soul searching do not come easily to a Taurus-Gemini but in the long run will save much pain and hardship for all concerned. Famous Taurus-Gemini cusp— Grace Jones. Cher. Malcolm X. Priscilla Presley. Socrates. Bob Dylan. Busta Rhymes. Notorous BIG. Naomi Campbell. Patti Labelle. 

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