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Brittany Josephina

Brittany Josephina

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The injection of a heap of emotions—good or bad—is what the human experience is about. More than an astrology medley, this blog serves as food for the soul. By infusing knowledge and experience, the most authentic and innovative information is produced. In essence, this area serves as a safe zone for expression. As Gandhi once put it, “Whatever you do [in life] will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” I’m one person sharing my mind, my warmth, my positivity, my advice.

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Your instincts for what works best for you are in top form today, dear Taurus, and you gravitate towards both situations and people that are healthy for you. Your willingness to learn from others gains you even more respect. Try not to blow it, however, by backing off as soon as you’ve gotten what you wanted. This can be a reflex right now that should be tamed. Motivation is strong right now, however.

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